Me As I See It

A southern girl born to wear HATS and raised on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Whom graduated in 1977 a proud Commodore as the last class to graduate from Gulfport High School now better known as Harrison County Court House. She then joined the US Army for three years as a 64Charlie or heavy equipment operator being better laymen’s terms.  She divorced her first husband of eight months and then remarried for thirty four years before divorcing again. For which during that marriage she was a cosmetologist plus half owner of a flooring installation company all while getting a college degree and helping a family member raise her 7 kids for which was a blessing give to her by god since she couldn’t have her own. She was no doubt full of life and energy. Then one day her life came to a near stop  in November of 2009, due to severe ulcerative colitis. It took three major surgery’s and three years to save her life by putting it in a remission state. Her recovery in every way is still ongoing. Some life changes have had to occur but she is still alive and full of spirit and full of life. Now it’s time for a new path and I know God has one for her. That’s all for now folks!!

Talk to you all soon! ME

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